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  The FWSTAC™ Chip harmonises harmful radiation from cellphones and pagers!!

The FWSTAC™ Chip is more or less the size of a 20c piece and 0.3mm thick. The FWSTAC™ Chip is applied on the outside of the cell phone or pager and utilises the latest generation TACHYON ENERGY.

 Are You Experiencing:

-Hot Ears                -Lack of Concentration                    -Headaches

-Tiredness                -Increased Eye Pressure                 -Mental Fatigue

  There is substantial scientific proof that microwaves generated by cell phones increase the risk of brain tumors. The reasons being that penetrating microwaves alter the structure of the DNA. The result is uncontrolled, unstructured and irregular growth of cells (proliferation). The solution is the application of a FWSTAC™ Chip to cell phones. Biologically harmful magnetic smog is harmonised by re-informing the molecules. Through this process the harmful microwave radiation becomes biologically beneficial, resulting in reduced risk of harmful side effects.

What happens when you apply a

FWSTAC™ Chip ?

Figure 1 shows the oscillation of the microwave. Microwave radiation is an extremely irregular radiation source, which very often oscillates over the zero-point line.

Figure 2 shows the vibration of the human brain cell (DNA). This vibration oscillates harmoniously above the zero-point line. 

Figure 3 shows the penetration of the microwave radiation over the zero-point line into the vibration of the brain cell (DNA), which disturbs the organic resonance, thus affecting the brain cell (DNA) negatively.

Figure 4 shows the harmonious oscillation of the microwave after the application (self adhesive) of the FWSTAC™ Chip. The microwave no longer crosses the zero point line.

Figure 5 shows the human body harmonising with the microwave oscillation in a biological beneficial manner. As there are no points of disharmony, the body is no longer exposed to the harmful side effects of the microwave radiation. Harmonising with TACHYON ENERGY has an immediate and lasting effects.


The FWSTAC™ Chip

A Swiss quality product

Manufactured under licence in South Africa by

FWSTAC South Africa cc for ZipTech cc











Figure 1


Figure 2



Figure 3



Figure 4



Figure 5




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