Wrist Buddy
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Wrist Buddy is the perfect way to get your message on to the desk of your customers.

If you need a number of a certain supplier, would you go through the hassle of looking through a telephone directory or through business cards for the number? 

It's a lot easier just dialing a number readily available on your desk! Plus, subconsciously, the name of the supplier advertised would be the first you'd contact!

Have you ever had pins-and-needles in your hand or a painful wrist after extended use of the mouse? 

People that have used the Wrist Buddy report that these unwanted sensations are alleviated after using the Wrist Buddy regularly. 

The Mouse Pad has a Trademarked Shape. This means that the only company to replace the pads is us. 

How does this benefit you? 

You're assured that your advertising Pad is the only Pad being used. 

The price on the Wrist Buddy and replacement pads is very reasonable. Contact Don or view our Contacts Page

Not interested in a total advertising campaign, but would just like a Wrist Buddy on your desk for comfort. We will gladly ship single units. Follow the above links to enquire about the Wrist Buddy!

Are you a company who may want to advertise on the Wrist  Buddy's shipped as singles? No Problem! Leave your details or contact us directly!