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Are you spending a fortune replacing worn carpets caused by the castors on your office chair?

Now you never have to replace the carpets again, you can save them with                                             


 ZippaTile is a plastic floor covering that is placed under your office chair and stops wear on the carpets. Made of durable plastic and assembled in minutes, the ZippaTile is a cheap alternative to the costly replacement of carpets.  


ZippaTile is an easily interlockable tile that is useful in commercial, sporting and domestic applications. It is an ideal surface for use in aesthetic, as well as heavy duty situations.


With a non-slip texture and a comfortable walking surface, these tiles are perfect for public areas such as indoor sports arenas, classrooms, salons and office buildings.


This easy-to-fit interlocking system is simple to install and cost effective. No adhesives are necessary. Tapered edges allow easy movement for office chairs and ensure a trip-free floor surface for staff safety.


ZippaTile's durability is emphasised by the five-year guarantee that accompanies this product. These ultra modern tiles are produced from PVC.  



10 interlocking tiles

500mm x 500mm x 4mm


Enough tapering edging and fitted corners to complete the edging.

The Standard pack offers a 2.5m2 carpet protection.

Extra tiles, edges and corners may be purchased for extra protection of different shaped or larger floor surfaces.




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